How we work

New Projects

Avantior Building Services undertakes the Commissioning Servicing of new installation projects of all sizes and complexity for both our Authorised Servicing Partners as well as any other projects tendered on

New projects have included: 


Chiller Installations


Computer and Clean Rooms


Meeting and Boardrooms


Office Fitouts


Avantior specialises in refurbishing and modifying existing air conditioning systems. Our focus on asset lifespan enables us to forecast replacement schedules and costs to align a company’s asset management strategy with the existing assets on site. Building interiors change when new tenants move in or when refurbishments change the layouts. In all cases, the existing airconditioning installations need to be amended. We have in-house Mechanical Engineers who assist with change in design

Our previous refurbishment projects have covered:


Cooling Tower Replacements


Cooling Tower Refurbishments


Supplementary Air Conditioning


Rigid and Flexible Ductwork Replacements


Mechanical Pipework Alterations


Variable Speed Drive Installations


Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Systems


Air Handling Unit Replacement


P3 Ducting

Our Process

Account Manager

  • A dedicated account manager is appointed to the project.
  • The account manager provides a single point of contact for all activities on site.
  • Their role is to provide a seamless link between the client and the mechanical services activities which are provided to the project.
  • The account manager works across both technical and administration roles.

Site Induction

  • All relevant employees are inducted to site before commencing initial site works.
  • This induction covers the mandatory client site induction and any mandatory on site training which is required by the client.
  • The induction also familiarises all employees with the general site conditions such as sign in / out, contact persons, keys, site reporting, parking, access, etc.

Site Inspection

  • The first site inspection is performed in conjunction with the first preventative maintenance visit to site.
  • The inspection involves a detailed inspection and maintenance to all assets on site.
  • All data is manually logged for digitisation into our database.
  • This inspection also itemises asset components and required works so as a detailed report can be prepared for the client

Site Review with Client

  • On completion of the initial maintenance visit, a report is forwarded to our client for review.
  • This report will detail all assets, components and required works.
  • At this point, we will review our client’s budgetary position and prioritise the required works in line with our clients’ expectations.

Tailoring of Maintenance Program

  • The maintenance program is adapted to the specific site conditions.
  • The inspection involves a detailed inspection and maintenance to all assets on site.
  • Itemising critical and non-critical assets enables Avantior to prioritise the maintenance requirements of each asset.

Occupational Health and Safety Program

  • Our existing OH&S program is adapted to the site in conjunction with the first maintenance visit.
  • This program is devised to create a site specific safety program which meets the client’s expectations.

Ongoing Review of Works and Budgets

  • Bi-monthly, we formalise a site meeting with our client to up date completed works, works in progress and pending works.
  • We also review future works and analyse budget positions.
  • These meetings are critical to maintaining contact with our clients and aligning their goals with our service.


  • Avantior prides itself on providing reports which are structured around the clients’ requirements.
  • All the information which is gathered on site is digitised into our database.
  • This database forms the basis of all a clients reporting requirements.
  • All reports are formulated via our dedicated SQL Server Database.
  • Reports are generated via the standardised Bluwave Reports format.
  • All reports are adaptable and can be customised to suit a clients needs.

Service Level Agreements

By teaming up with Avantior Building Services you are assured of our continued support and best attention at all times

Avantior staff have extensive experience in the Air-Conditioning Servicing industry and will resolve any issue that may occur with your units. It is crucial to service and maintain the units to ensure correct operation and longevity of the units.

Entering into a service level agreement with ourselves after installation gives you peace of mind that professionals are taking care of your units either on a Weekly, Bi Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Basis depending on the requirements of the Unit. We will assess and advise you of the best strategy for your units.

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